Logos & Identity

Logo and identity design epitomize a brand’s visual identity. While a logo acts as its iconic symbol, instantly recognizable and memorable, identity design transcends mere visuals. It embraces colors, fonts, and visual elements to convey the brand’s essence.

Porto Seafood Grill

The logo and identity of Porto Seaport Grill aimed for a classy and straightforward feel. Taking cues from Portuguese tile colors, it’s all about coastal charm and maritime traditions. The design keeps things elegant and uncomplicated, mirroring the restaurant’s commitment to a refined dining experience by the sea.

El Pirata

The logo and identity of El Pirata aim for friendliness, warmth, and playfulness, captured through the smiling taco mascot. It’s a place where you can enjoy Mexican cuisine and good company in a relaxed setting. The logo design offers extensive variation, ensuring its flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Tembi Health

The Tembi Health Telemedicine logo aimed for a modern and simple look, reflecting the efficiency and innovation of telemedicine services. Given its tech-focused nature, the design needed to embody the essence of technology while maintaining a sleek and accessible appeal.

Zalghoota App

The logo design for Zalghoota app aimed to align with contemporary dating apps, embracing a modern aesthetic. The heart symbol, a blend of dating app iconography and Christian symbolism with the inclusion of a cross, speaks to the app’s unique fusion of modern dating and values.

Brewery WTX

The logo design for WTX Brewery weaves together elements of a compass and a beer hop, creating a visual representation that embodies wanderlust, the adventurous explorer spirit, and the innate human desire for travel and discovery. This fusion speaks to the brewery’s ethos of embarking on a journey of exploration through craft beer, inviting patrons to embark on a flavorful adventure that transcends geographical boundaries.